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Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 13 and 15

From the Center for American Progress: 

State-by-State Estimates of the Family Members of Unauthorized Immigrants

By: Sylvia Mathema

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There are well over a half million children living in Mexico born to migrant parents lacking proper identification, which impacts their access to basic public services from education, to healthcare to social security identification. These children are deported U.S. citizens who were forced to leave their home country without proof of their citizenship or their existence.

 We will not sit by as a staggering number of children are caught between two countries, lacking the most basic human right – to have an identity. 


Our Work

Bridges firmly believes that migrant rights are human rights, and it is our duty to do everything we can to support migrants on both sides of the border. We work with a Mexican migrant rights N.G.O. (IMUMI) to ensure that migrants and their families are protected. We invite you to join us in our efforts. 


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December 18 is the International Day of the Migrant

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Myths about Migration Debunked

Source: CNN Money

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In order to support migrant rights in Mexico and the U.S., Bridges for Understanding is partnering with a Mexican N.G.O, IMUMI (Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migración). This incredible organization represents families that have returned to Mexico through deportation or voluntarily. They also document human rights violations during the migration process, and help other organizations in the U.S. and Mexico that are helping people who have returned.  DONATE NOW!

Meet our partner: 

Join our campaign! Contribute to our Donadora fund and ensure that migrants and their families are protected. Let's reach our goal together and give our support to IMUMI. 

I can help IMUMI get the funds it needs to continue with its important work. Let's get rolling!

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the Migrant Documentation Training Manual

With proper training, Bridges members and friends can provide crucial services to assist migrants in reestablishing their lives here in Mexico. Our volunteers will work side-by-side with IMUMI to help the organization address the more complex legal cases by guiding migrants through basic citizenship and social security paperwork. With the help of our community liaisons, we can work for migrants and help them to thrive. 

Due to political changes in the U.S., IMUMI's previous funders have withdrawn their support, so it is up to us to ensure that IMUMI can continue with the invaluable services it provides to migrants and their families. Join us in our Donadora/Kickstarter campaign and grant applications. Together we can ensure that migrants and their families are protected. Donate NOW!

Volunteer Documentation





I can commit some time to IMUMI's legal clinics in my area and help migrants get essential paperwork. Let's get to work!


In 2012, IMUMI opened the doors of its legal clinic to represent transnational families living between the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. Today, IMUMI provides pro bono support to over 200 women and their families all over Mexico, fighting to reunify families, resolve custody issues, and provide citizenship and social security documentation. 

The well-being of the immigrant population throughout the region has become more uncertain under the current U.S. administration, especially the well-being of women. Newly empowered by two executive orders, ICE agents have been detaining and deporting entire families, including children who are actually U.S. citizens. Regardless of our political affiliation, we can agree that families belong together and that no one should be without help when it is needed. 

We invite you to join us in helping IMUMI assist returning migrants, develop strategies to address this important transnational issue, and ensure that migrants' rights are always respected. 


Will you help us support IMUMI?


Source: ICE ERO "100 Days of Significant ICE Operations"

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