"You can only know a people once your have eaten their food and danced their dances."

Antonio Cisneros, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations 

The REAL stories of immigrants and their families

Migrant Voices

His family too.

From PRI: When Katerina Karrys married Jesus Barron, she knew he had been convicted for drinking and driving, and she knew he was undocumented. But she thought for a long time that they could pay the price and make it right.

Our contributors. Artists, bloggers, and migrants. The untold stories to break the stereotypes. 



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Migrants' paintings on the Tijuana border fence. 

Bestabeé Romero

Migrant Voices Featured Artist

Near the Rio Bravo, artist Bestabeé Romero installed hundreds of "migrants'" shoes planted on white flags. Her intention is to install the shoes all along the border in both the U.S. and Mexico. 

"Habla de levantar esa huella del suelo, esa huella herida, traerla a la mirada, no permitirnos esa negación, voltearle la cara a un fenómeno que está al lado de nosotros".

"The piece speaks to lifting footprints from the ground, those inherited footprints, and bringing them to light, so that we cannot deny it, to force us to face the phenomenon beside us." 

In these times, when migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers face an increasing hostile social and political environment here and around the world, we must have ongoing exchanges on how we contribute to the exclusion of others.

Smart activism, compassion, and what it was like to be deported. Hear Nancy's story. Click the image to read. 

Guest Writer: Nancy Landa


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